Irony of My Blog Thus Far

In the short existence of this blog, I haven’t written, well, anything about history. I hope to rectify this situation soon. In the meantime, most of what I’ve been researching relates to local–Pittsburgh region–history.  I’m particularly interested in stories involving the now-demolished Greater Pittsburgh International Airport and the current airport, Pittsburgh International. In my graduate work on French aviation in Indochina during the 1920s and 1930s, I did gain some understanding of American aviation in this period. Yet I’ve had to learn, and continue to do so, quite a bit about this subject.

Also, I really enjoy reading about adaptive reuse and the idea of “past versus present” for a specific site (otherwise put, what “used to be” on/at a location versus what presently exists and whether there are remnants and reminders of the past; an example would be the Waterfront shopping center in Homestead, PA. This sprawling open-air mall sits on  land previously occupied by U.S. Steel’s equally sprawling Homestead Works).

Hopefully, when I get a product out here for you, what I continue to see as fascinating pieces of history will come across as such.


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